SKY Win Service :

1.Provide the project report , and also help customer prepare the design .

2.Contact for delivery

  1. 1 ) Complete set of equipment delivery 60 days after the commencement of the contract, installation and commissioning 5-10 days. Party B to send technical personnel to the installation and commissioning of Party A, Party A is responsible for the installation and commissioning technical staff in your company to eat, live expenses.

  2. 2 )  After the arrival of equipment, Party A according to the technical documents provided by Party B to assist the installation unit to debug

  3. 3 )The site during the installation of the necessary transport, hoisting, civil engineering, machining and construction operations by the user is responsible for, the party can meet the requirements of the user.

3.  Quality warranty:

1 ) The full set of equipment quality assurance period after delivery 12 months (screw is not within the scope of free warranty), electrical six months warranty period. If the quality of the objection should be in the goods to the supplier within two months after the proposed.

2 ) Regardless of the warranty period, the user equipment failure notice within 24 hours to give a response to reply, if sent to arrive within 48 hours.

3 ) The provision of after-sales service for life, which regularly visit the inspection service free of charge.

4 ) The operation of maintenance personnel on the Party before the pre-job training.

5 )  Guide the full set of equipment for the site installation, commissioning, to meet the acceptance criteria issued by the user acceptance report.