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Wooden Plastic Production Line
Jul 25, 2017

Wood plastic is a kind of composite material which is made of sawdust, wood chips, bamboo chips, rice husk, wheat straw, soybean hull, peanut shell, bagasse, cotton stalk and other low-value biomass fiber. It also has the advantages of plant fiber and plastic, wide range of applications, covering almost all logs, plastics, steel, aluminum and other similar materials used in the field, but also to solve the plastic, wood industry, the recycling of waste resources.

In general, the hardness of wood-plastic composite materials than the untreated wood 2 to 8 times higher, wear resistance 4 to 5 times, even higher than the marble. In addition, it is an environmentally friendly material, recyclable and reusable, and cheap raw materials, it is to reduce environmental pollution, protect forest resources, promote economic development have Good benefits, so it has been the concern of many researchers.

The wood-plastic production line is a new type of building decoration material, which is made of PVC, PP, PE, PS, ABS plastic and various plant fiber, and is extruded from vacuum sizing. It is suitable for drilling, planing, nailing, , Printing and other wood construction methods; due to green, waterproof, moisture, corrosion, mildew, no deformation, good flame retardant, and recyclable. Widely used in the floor, fence, tray, crates, partitions, doors and windows sets, baseboard and other fields.