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The Characteristics Of Wood - Plastic Plate Production Equipment
Jul 25, 2017

Wood-plastic plate production equipment is based on plant fiber (sawdust, wood chips, bamboo, straw, wheat cranberry, gluten, peanut shell, bagasse, coconut shell, sub-marijuana, etc.) PVC, PP, PE) compound from a new type of environmentally friendly materials. Wood plastic english, abbreviated WPC.

Wood-plastic plate production equipment features:

(1) a wide range of materials, low value, the old material or mixture can be.

(2) wood products for the artificial synthetic products, according to the use of random adjustment of product technology and formula, resulting in different properties and shape of the material, the profile utilization close to 100%.

(3) wood-plastic materials, wood / plastic base materials and its common additives are environmentally friendly, non-toxic harmless, its production and processing process will not produce side effects, so the human body and the environment are not any harm.

(4) maintenance costs are very low, and product life is much larger than ordinary natural wood.

(5) wood-plastic materials, scrap products and recyclable waste can be 100% of the recycling, and will not affect product performance.