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PVC Profile Production Line
Jul 25, 2017

SKR-SJZ profile production line is mainly used for PVC doors and windows, wide door panels, window sills, single porous pipe and other profiles extrusion. The production line can be based on different shaped, cross-section and die, the use of different twin-screw extruder and equipped with the corresponding vacuum stereotypes Taiwan, traction machine, cutting machine, turning rack and other auxiliary equipment.

Host extrusion can be 120KG / H ~ 650KG / H between the optional. Vacuum stereotypes using the company's unique design technology, with the upper and lower electric adjustment function, noise, increase the vortex cooling system, easy to cool stereotypes, work stability, to meet the needs of high-speed extrusion. Traction machine with a special transmission technology, work smoothly synchronized, stable, traction. Cutting machine moving speed in the tractor speed to keep pace, all the action using PLC computer control, reasonable design, stable operation, can automatically set the length of cutting.