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PVC Floor Production Line
Jul 25, 2017

1, the new WPC floor with a floor surface non-slip, wear, beautiful, practical. Is my company for the characteristics of WPC floor, in order to reduce costs, improve cost-effective and development, direct extrusion of PVC flooring. To solve the original PVC floor with the mixer, open mill, four-roll calendering, tempering, hot pressing film complex processing technology; covers an area of large, employing more, high production costs, energy consumption, equipment, high purchase costs The problem. The new WPC floor is only 1/3 of the cost of refining, equipment purchase cost of 1/10, the performance of more than the original bonding WPC floor.

2, direct extrusion WPC floor, the process is simple, low cost, the indicators have reached or exceeded the original WPC wood flooring.

3, the formation of the principle: directly to the color film, wear layer covered with extruded sheet, and out of the anti-skid, three materials (substrate, color film, wear layer) melt together, high bond strength, The effect is good, and then coated with UV 柒 appearance effect is good, scratch resistance.

4, application: indoor WPC floor; indoor floor tiles; PVC floor.

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