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WPC wood plastic profile production line
Jul 25, 2017

1, raw materials are added in the waste plastic sawdust, rice husk, straw, so more environmentally friendly.

2. looks like natural wood

3. Recyclable

A detailed description:

WPC wood-plastic production line can be used to produce PE / PP / PVC and wood composite materials:

1, special screw design can make the material mixed, plasticized full, uniform;

2. The humidity control during the mixing process can reduce the carbonization phenomenon;

3, in the product molding, we will recommend you use the best vacuum stereotypes, improve the molding rate, reduce the defective products;

4, PLC control system so that all operations easy, convenient and accurate.

5, sanders and embossing machine to make the product look like real wood, such as the surface with wood texture;


Swimming pool, garden, school, park, lawn, marina, playground, corridor, hotel, entertainment