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WPC floor production line equipment introduction
Jul 25, 2017

WPC floor production line equipment using specially designed screw barrel, mold and extruder processing production process to produce wood products. Products: wood plastic one-step thick plate equipment; wood-plastic one-step profile equipment; wood-plastic one-step decorative materials equipment; wood granulation equipment; all kinds of wood-plastic mold. Extruder stand-alone two-stage direct extrusion, granulation can also be two-step extrusion, saving space, with high yield, extrusion pressure stability, plastic mixing effect is good. Optimized screw design uses a small cut, easy to cut wood fiber, can make the material in the machine to stay evenly.

(WPC) profile flooring equipment production line can produce PE, PP or PVC wood-plastic profile products, mainly used for trays, packing boxes, flooring, outdoor decoration materials, etc., is widely used.