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Pvc foam floor equipment applications
Jul 25, 2017

Pvc foam floor equipment The entire production line beautiful appearance, electrical operation is simple. Production of sheet metal expansion rate is high, the surface hardness is high, the surface smooth wear and so on. The company provides recipes and process technology.

Pvc foam floor equipment production process: raw materials: PVC + additives or PVC + wood flour + additives

Main Process: Ingredients - High Cold Mixing - Extrusion - Foaming - Cooling Forming - Spraying - Traction - Cutting - Stacking - Inspection - Finished Goods

Product use and application: Building furniture: building templates, furniture board, home improvement board, floor.

Building Decoration Industry: Building Exterior Wall, Interior Decoration Board, Residential, Office, Public Building Building, Commercial Decoration, Clean Room Board, Ceiling.

Advertising industry: screen printing, computer lettering, advertising signs, display panels, signs with the board.

Transportation: ships, aircraft, buses, train cars, ceiling, envelope core layer, interior decoration with the board.

Industrial applications: chemical industry anti-corrosion engineering, thermoforming, cold storage board, special cold storage, environmental protection board.

Other purposes: templates, sports equipment, aquaculture materials, beach moisture-proof facilities, water-resistant materials, art materials, packaging board, a variety of lightweight partitions.