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LVT floor performance
Jul 25, 2017

1. LVT can be moisture-proof, can be used in the kitchen or bathroom and other wet room to use;

2. LVT floor with excellent impact sound insulation performance, they can naturally heat, pvc floor equipment, can also be applied to the floor under the heating.

LVT floor is usually composed of high-filled core layer (usually integrated glass fiber mat), decorative film and wear-resistant layer. The fiberglass mat provides the floor with the strength and dimensional stability of the pvc floor equipment manufacturer, while the entire core layer gives the floor flatness and impact sound insulation. In order to obtain high density and high quality thick plate, PVC sheet of mineral additive ratio as high as 60% to 70%. Decorative film laminated on the thick plate, in order to achieve the desired design, the product can be covered according to application requirements of different thickness of the wear layer. Typically, the LVT floor thickness in the range of 2 ~ 5mm, can be made with the market sales of wood fiber laminates the same size, and use the click to connect the system.